Frequently Asked Questions:

Always Be In Contact is a free iOS app to help you with follow-up reminders on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Does this app work across multiple devices?
Yes. As long as you have the same iCloud account on multiple iOS devices.

Do you have access to our data?
No, we have no access to your data. Your data is either stored on your iCloud account or “locally” if your are selected this setting.

How do I delete a contact I adde to the app?
Slide to the left to remove a contact.

Can I access the data in my app on a desktop?
We are currently developing a web version to supplement our app. There will be a monthly or yearly charge for this service.

How does Local Storage work with the app?
Local Storage will store the data on your device and not on iCloud. You will not be able to see data on multiple devices if you elect to use local storage.

Do you have an Android version of the app?
Not at this time.

The app is acting slow, or not updating my contacts?
Check your internet connection on your device.
Try to close and re-open the app.
Try restarting your device.

Does Always Be In Contact integrate into any other software or services?
Not at this time. Stay tuned to our newsletter or website for the latest updates.

Can I print my data from the app?
Not at this time.

How does the template feature work in the app?

Does the app support 3D Touch?
Yes. If you press and hold on the app icon your will be able to Share ABC, view missed follow-ups, create a new contact

What is the “use one minute time interval” setting?
This will allow you to use minute tie intervals for reminders. The default setting on the app is 5 minute intervals for the app.

How does the “personalize” settings work?
Personalize allows you change the default settings of the reminders. You can change the frequency, name of the categories and the default text/email inputs.